19 Things that Happens to a Woman after Giving Birth

The stage after a woman gives birth is known as postpartum stage, and the stage comes with some experiences that no one probably tells you about earlier, and it is a stage where the woman would have to brace up for these experiences.

19 Things that Happens to a woman after Giving Birth

Below are 19 things that nobody tells you about postpartum

1. If you have an epidural right after you give birth you might be very itchy.

This is a symptom of some of the medications used in epidurals. I remember feeling so itchy I could rip my skin off. Let your care provider know, there is a medication they can give you to counter it.

2. You might tear or have an episiotomy

You should try a sitz bath with salt, cold compress, a peri bottle to make the healing process a bit better.

3. You might need to wear a postpartum nappy after you give birth.

Your womb basically has to shed, which will result in bleeding. There are different types of maternity pads available, bleeding may be at its heaviest between 2-10 days but should ultimately lessen

4. After birth your partner or a member of your support system may need to bathe you.

5. Coughing or laughing can be extremely painful after a C-Section

I was so scared to laugh after I gave birth cause it felt like my uterus would fall out of my vagina. You should try using a pillow on your stomach when you need to cough or laugh

6. The first pee can be rough

If you’ve had a catheter or experienced tears, that first pee can actually be very scary and you may experience some pain whilst you heal – use a peri bottle and try to relax as much as possible.

7. The first poo can get quite emotional

Depending on whether you’ve had a c-section or stitches, that plus weakened pelvic floor muscles and possible haemorrhoids can make that first poop very daunting. Nothing ever prepares you for it either. Drink plenty of water, take stool softeners and do not push the poop.

8. You might not feel an instant gush of joy.

Giving birth is a lot and I think there is this misconception that the minute you give birth you are automatically happy. If I’m honest when I have birth I felt strung out “the awww my baby” feelings didn’t come till days later

9. After a C-Section getting out of bed can be extremely painful

I don’t think anything really prepares you for the recovery of a c-section. Getting out of bed is a process in itself. A step stool, grabber and pilllows can go along way

10. After-birth contractions and trapped gas are a thing

You may experience contractions after you give birth as your uterus shrinks, and it can hurt ALOT, I think this is one thing that took me by actual surprise

11. You will still look pregnant

I think mainstream media made us obsessed with the idea of the instant SnapBack and it’s honestly a myth your stomach doesn’t go down straight away and it’s absolutely normal your body needs time to recover

12. Breastfeeding may be painful

I think sometimes breastfeeding is painted as this easy thing but I’ve seen mothers be brought to tears by breastfeeding their baby. If you struggle speak to a lactation consultant or your midwife

13. It might take more than 6 weeks for you to feel like yourself again.

Everyone looks forward to that 6 week mark like “oooh yeah buss case, I can drive, exercise and shag again” but honestly sometimes you may need a little longer and that’s absolutely fine.

14. You might lose hair

I didn’t even realise this was a thing until my entire hairline fell out and after some research and talking to other mums I realised a lot of people go through it. Thankfully it’s started to grow back but this one was hard

15. It can get very lonely

Having mum friends is an actual lifesaver during that time not many people actually know what you are going through making friends with people you can relate with makes life a lot easier.

16. You might be apprehensive to have sex after you give birth

It’s very normal to feel scared of sex after birth especially after everything your vagina has been through. Make sure you wait at least 6 weeks until you have sex and do not attempt until you feel ready and do not feel guilty about it either.

17. It may feel like you will never sleep again – but ask for help even if it’s when people are round to visit, sleeping is essential to your recovery and your mental health.

18. You may experience back pain after you give birth -but if you are experiencing back pain after birth consider booking some sessions with an osteopath, chiropractor or regular massages. Anything that works for you if it does not help see a doctor.

19. Piles

A lot of women and birthing care can attest postpartum care can often be poor, very little information on what to expect and what to do. The main takeaway is take it easy, this too shall pass and be vigilant of your physical and mental health. I hope this helps.

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