Causes of Infertility in Male and Female

Some people regard the inability of married people to produce offspring as “Barreness”, whereas the right term to use is INFERTILITY!

What is Infertility ?

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant after having FREQUENT, PENETRATIVE, UNPROTECTED SEX for at least 1 YEAR.

The words in capital letters are very important, that’s what defines the term ‘Infertility’.

Causes Of Infertility?

Woman frustrated from having Infertility

Unlike what many people think, causes of infertility are evenly spread across men and women.

They are divided into 2 namely:
1. Male causes
2. Female causes


1. Abnormal Sperm Production

Health Problems like diabetes, infections such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, HIV and genetic defects affects sperm production, and any male who has either of these might not be able to fertilise a woman’s egg.

2. Problems with Delivery of Sperms

Men with sexual issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, genetic problems, and blockage in the testes would have difficulties delivering sperms that would make babies in a woman.

3. Overexposure to certain chemicals

Cigarette, marijuana smoking, excessive alcohol intake etc can affect sperm production.

4. Damage to the male reproductive system caused by cancer treatment (Chemotherapy)


1. Ovulation Disorders

There are many hormone disorders that might affect the release of eggs from the ovaries during ovulation. They are a major cause of infertility in women.

2. Abnormalities of The Womb

Cancerous growths and non-cancerous growths such as fibroid can occupy space meant for the baby in the womb, which could disrupt baby formation.

3. Blockage or damage of the fallopian tubes caused by infections

4. Early Menopause

This is when the ovaries stop working and menstruation ends before the age of 40.

5. Cancer and its treatments.

Things That Increase the Risk Of Infertility In Both Men and Women:

1. Age

Women- fertility drops from age 37 in women
Men- over 40 years old men will be less fertile

2. Tobacco Use

It could lead to miscarriage in women and erectile dysfunction in men

3. Alcohol Use

Decreases sperm count in men.

4. Weight

Being overweight and underweight has been proven to affect fertility in both men and women.

How to Prevent Infertility

One major way of preventing infertility is by making lifestyle changes.

1. Stop smoking
2. Stop drinking alcohol
3. Exercise regularly
4. Visit the hospital and explain to your doctor

Please, “Barreness” is a term that should not even be attributed to a human being. Also, men that feel it is only women that could be “Infertile”, NO! that is not true, it is equally shared! It could be either of the two genders.

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