Chemistry Laboratory Safety Rules

The science laboratory is an inherently dangerous place, with so much exposure to fire hazards, dangerous chemicals, and risky procedures. No one would like to have an accident in the laboratory, so it is extremely important to follow the laboratory safety rules. 

Chemistry laboratory

It is usually a common saying that goes “rules are made to be broken”, but believe when I tell you that will not work in the case of a chemistry or science laboratory in general.

“Some rules are NOT made to be broken.” That is pattern of the rules used in a chemistry laboratory. Most importantly to note that, the rules are really for your safety and not to inconvenient you.

Chemistry laboratory ruled

A standard list of basic laboratory safety rules are discussed below, and should be followed in every laboratory that uses hazardous materials or processes. These basic rules provide conduct, hygiene, and safety information to avoid accidents in the laboratory.  Laboratory safety rules should be addressed by the teacher or the laboratory attendant.

  • Read First

Read through the instructions first and prepare the materials needed before starting any activity. Follow Instructions

  • Follow Instructions

Follow verbal and written instructions carefully. If you are unsure about any part of the activity, ask your teacher or your laboratory attendant before taking any action.

  • Clothing

Wear appropriate clothing to the laboratory and always wear personal protective gear such as safety googles, lab aprons or lab coats, and protective gloves.

  • Do not Eat or Drink

Do not eat, drink, or chew gum in the laboratory. Do not bring in food or drinks and do not keep or place them inside any laboratory glassware or equipment.

  • Be Careful with Substances

Remember this is a chemistry laboratory, do not sniff or taste any chemicals or substances.

  • Good Handling

Handle chemicals, glassware, and equipments with care.

Chemistry practical
  • Monitor

Personally monitor all experiments and do not leave them unattended to.

  • Tidy Up

Keep your work area neat and tidy at all times. Store bags, purses and books in appropriate areas and keep the aisles clear.

  • Safety Equipment

Know where the safety equipments are located and know what to do in the event of an incident. Immediately report spills or accidents to the teacher or the laboratory attendant.

  • Be Responsible

Use the laboratory responsibly. Only conduct authorized experiments under the supervision of a teacher or a laboratory attendant.

Chemistry laboratory safety rules

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