6 Common Myths about The Vagina and The Real Truth

There are so many misconceptions that people (both men and women) have about how the vagina works. From getting too loose, to weird smells, to the idea that every vagina has to look the same, there are a lot of things that you have been told to believe that are really not true.

Here are some 6 myths about vagina that we have decided to debunk

Common myths about vagina

1. Vagina Smell

It’s literally so sickening and tiring of men thinking vaginas are suppose to smell like the inside of a new car or a sneaker shop. Every woman has their own distinct smell, the odour can be dependent on your period, sweat or how sexually active you are.

Women should stop killing their vaginas with expensive products! They really are of no use.

If your vagina’s odour become more “noticeable” it could be signs of poor hygiene, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, a retained tampon or an STI, you should seek help from your doctor.

2. Vaginal Discharge

There’s literally nothing wrong if you see mucus discharge from your vagina. Also, when a woman is ovulating, she releases more discharge and this is nothing to worry about.

Below is what each colour of mucus means :

  • red – menses
  • clear – healthy
  • yellow/green – STI / yeast infection
  • pink – cervical bleeding
  • grey – bacterial vaginosis

You should seek help if the discharge is a peculiar colour, if it smells odd or causes itching because that could be a sign of overgrown bacteria.

3. All Vaginas look the same

This is not true at all! All vaginas are different. Some women have long clits, while some others don’t. Labias come in different sizes, shapes, lengths, and this is not something to be embarrassed by. They’re all unique, you’re unique, women as a whole are unique and should not feel self-conscious about something they literally do not have control over and it’s your jobs as whomever women will be sleeping with, to not make women feel sheepish about their vaginas but rather love and embrace it as a whole.

Another thing you should know is that vaginas won’t look the same your whole life. The vagina you had pre-puberty is not the same as the vagina you have post-puberty and the vagina you’ll have during and after pregnancy.

4. A penis can stretch out a vagina

Why do men think because a woman has had many sex partners it’ll make a significant change? The vagina does not get stretched during sex. Although having intercourse with a larger penis will stretch it, it will return back to its original size after the intercourse is over.

A vagina is like an elastic. It’ll stretch itself out during birth, sex and snap right back into place after.

5. Squirting is pee

Some people really think squirting is pee. No, it’s not! Pee is urine draining from your bladder into your urethra, whereas squirting is when fluid is released from the bladder during any point of sexual stimulation, excitement or orgasm. Also, squirting happens when your G-spot is stimulated.

Can every woman squirt? yes. You just need to know what to do.

Every woman should master their own body first before you let a man touch it. You’ll find out a lot and even educate your partner on what to do and what not to do.

6. You can make a woman orgasm by penetration alone

This might not necessarily happen. There are a lot of ways to make a woman orgasm and some of the most common ways are through nipple stimulation and clitoris stimulation. A woman’s body is complex and it’s amazing to study, different things work for different women, so you just need to study your body and know what works for you.

Here’s a tip that could help improve the vagina health, EAT FRUITS!
Eating pineapples, drinking cranberry juice and a lot of water is good for you. Your diet heavily impacts how you smell and how you “taste”.

Eating fruits won’t necessarily mean your vagina will taste like sweets and smell like perfume, it will however make it taste better than not eating or drinking anything at all. It will also make it smell a little bit better than before.

If you have any other myths to bust, comment ones I might have left out.

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