Hair Transplant: Approaches, Post-Operative Care, Mechanism & Much More

Why Hair Transplant?

The people who are suffering from the male or female pattern baldness, are customary to undergo a Hair transplant in Vizag. The predominant reason why the number of people taking up hair restoration procedures is increasing is the hair transplant cost. The economical and the result-oriented treatment is what convinces the hair loss distressed patients to take up the hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Approaches

There are many ways by which the hair transplant can be carried out to experience the desired results. For example, FUE and FUT are the main procedures that are used to treat hair loss patients with the hair transplantation procedure.

How Do The Doctors Decide Whether The FUE or FUT Procedure Is To Be Undergone?

It thoroughly depends upon the medical condition of the patient whether the FUE or FUT procedure for the hair transplantation is to be performed.

What Are The Similarities In All The Procedures Of The Hair Transplant?

The mechanism and the process to perform the hair transplantation procedures may be different. But the steps are usually the same as follow:

  • The Extraction Process

Customarily all the methods of the hair transplant incorporate the extraction process. The extraction process helps to withdraw good quality hair follicles from the scalp.

  • The Separation Of The Grafts And the Strips

When the grafts and the strips are extracted, then the next step is regarding the separation of the hair strands. Then these strands are observed to detect whether they will be suitable for transplantation or not.

  • The Transplantation Process

Then the good quality and checked hair follicles will be inserted in the incisions done in the scalp.

Which Care-Points To Consider After The Hair Transplantation Process?

The following Post-Operative instructions should not be neglected by the patients:

  • Do not sleep Flat
  • Keep your body hydrated
  • Do not eat junk food
  • Do not exert your body
  • Do not wash your hair (until suggested by the doctor)
  • Do not massage your hair
  • Do take complete bed rest
  • Take the prescribed medications on time
  • Do not miss the follow-up sessions with the doctor
  • Do not take stress
  • Do not go out in the sun (Wear Hat if urgent)
  • Do not touch your hair
  • Do not pick on your scabs
  • Do not comb your hairs

Should You Be Returning To Work?

It is suggested that you should take some days off from your work as you need complete rest. The work, no matter how easy or tough, could make you stressed.

Notable Point

If you are employed with any of the sitting or the blue-collar jobs, then there will not be any restrictions for you to go the work by the doctor. But make sure, on our way to the office and home, you are covering your hair completely. Do not let it expose to either the sun or the dist or the debris.

Bottom Line

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