How are the GAY & LESBIAN Couples able to have a baby with the help of ICSI?

Difference between ICSI & IVF

Many Assisted reproductive Technologies are used nowadays to help infertile couples with conception. When people visit the IVF centre in Punjab for fertility counselling, to know which fertility procedure is to be undergone, they are often suggested with either the IVF procedure or the ICSI procedure. The famous infertility clinic in Ludhiana gets better fertility outcomes by merely practising the IVF or the ICSI procedure.

So as you might have guessed that in our today’s article we shall be knowing in depth about the Ivf or the ICSI procedure


IVF is a completely invasive procedure as both the eggs and the sperm are retrieved and then fertilized. After the embryo is formed and is incubated, it is implanted in the uterus for undergoing the natural pregnancy.


It is the procedure in which the egg is not retrieved from the female’s body, but the male participant is asked to provide the semen sample so that the healthy sperm can be chosen. Once the sperms with the ideal characteristics are chosen, now comes the work in which you have to inject the eggs with the particular sperms.

When should the couple go for the ICSI treatment?

The couple should go for the ICSI treatment if they are suffering from any of the below-mentioned kinds of infertility:

  • The sperms are produced in very new numbers.
  • The sperm is not getting produced at all.
  • The produced sperms are of deteriorated quality.
  • The sperms are not able to fertilize the egg due to movement issues.

How can ICSI be beneficial for same-sex couples?

As we know the same-sex couples cannot undergo the natural fertilisation process. For that, they have to take the help of the donor sperm. So le us study the cases of the same-sex couples who can have the happiness of having the baby with the help of the ICSI technique:

Lesbian couples

Lesbian couples may have good quality eggs but cannot conceive unless their eggs get fertilised. For that, the donor sperm should be injected with the help of the ICSI process.

The gay couples

Gay couples may have good quality sperm but for embryo development, they need an egg. IVF coil is a far invasive process but undergoing ICSI could be convenient and result oriented.

Do you know?

With the introduction of ART, depression and other stress problems in infertile couples have seen a decrease by 30 to 45%.

Be Sure

You have to be very sure that you are taking the treatment from the right infertility clinic. If you would not consider this aspect worthy of your attention, then you may encounter a failure in the ICSI procedure.

Bottom Line

Do good homework (Research) by taking referrals and making phone calls in the fertility centre to judge the quality which they can provide in the procedure.

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