How To Calculate How Much Of Alcohol Intake Is Okay

First of all, this article is not in any way intended to promote alcoholism, but to serve as an explanation on how to make an accurate estimate of safe alcohol consumption.

It is important to note that to minimize alcohol related effects, both men and women are recommended to keep to less than 14 units of alcohol per week.

How do I convert my bottle of alcohol drink to units?

Bottles of alcohol are usually measured by their volume in centiliters (cl) and % (abv).
To convert this measurement to units, multiply the volume of your drink in Milliliters (Centiliters × 10) by its % and divide this by 1000.

For example, a 65cl dark-green glass bottle of Orijin liquor has 6% abv. Therefore, we would have 65 ×10× 6= 3,900 divided by 1000 which gives us 3.9 units (approx 4 units).
Safe to say, 3 bottles of Orijin is enough for a WEEK.

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