Sports Nutrition Supplements : What are the Best Supplements for Athletes ?

Sports nutrition supplements can improve your performance whether you are a swimmer or a long distance runner. All athletes need the right nutritional supplements to help their muscles heal and protect their joints. Supplements also allow your kidneys, heart and other organs to receive the right support to maintain peak performance. This article will discuss the most common types of supplements that athletes take and the ways in which they are beneficial.

What are the Best Supplements for Athletes?

The best supplements for athletes help with several areas that are essential to good health and peak athletic performance. Some, such as white kidney bean, assist with weight loss, so you can remain within a particular weight class for competition and remove any excess weight that affects your speed on the track. Others, like amino acids, are essential for muscle repair. If you are a vegetarian or vegan athlete, it is important for you to ensure that you take supplements that deliver the right amount of iron to your body.


As an athlete, it is your responsibility to ensure that any supplements or medications that you take do not contain additional ingredients that you are not supposed to have. Check the banned substances list carefully and match that against the list of ingredients on all of the supplements that you take.

The best supplements for athletes include:

  1. Calcium Pyruvate
  2. Leptifit
  3. MSM
  4. White Kidney Bean (weight loss)
  5. Chitosan
  6. Amino Acids
  7. Super Cortisol Support
  8. B12 Energy
  9. Cal mag
  10. Testo Jack
  11. CLA Extreme
  12. Tribulus
  13. Protein
  14. Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  15. Recovery factor
  16. HMB

1. Calcium Pyruvate

Calcium Pyruvate helps you to lose weight. Athletes who take calcium pyruvate benefit because its presence allows fat to break down quickly instead of accumulating in a way that would negatively affect the athlete’s health or performance.

2. Leptifit

Leptifit is a sports nutrition supplement. It is a Leptin capsule, that enhances leptin in the body. It helps athletes to manage their weight without placing stress on their body. It regulates the amount of leptin in your body and helps you to recognize when you’ve had enough to eat, so you don’t pack on too much weight.

3. MSM

MSM is a supplement that benefits the joints and can help to prevent damage to your knees, feet and other joints that are sometimes overworked. This is one of the sports nutrition supplements that also improves skin health and reduces inflammation, while decreasing allergy symptoms.

If an athlete has health problems which are related to inflammation, they can talk to their doctor about this and other sports nutrition supplements that can help. It also helps you to recover quickly after exercise, so you can feel more relaxed after every session.

4. White Kidney Beans

White kidney beans are a good source of protein for vegan and vegetarian athletes. In addition, they help you to lose weight. They can do this because they contain starch blockers. Athletes with diabetes can benefit from their ability to regulate blood sugar.

5. Chitosan

Chitosan is used to promote wound healing. It allows your body to recover more quickly from injuries. Athletes with high cholesterol can also use it to balance their cholesterol levels.

6. Amino acids

Amino acids are used to help your body grow and function. There are a lot of amino acids and all of them are essential for your body to work properly. If you are vegan, there is a chance that you might not get all of the amino acids that you need. By taking sports nutrition supplements with amino acids, you fill the gap that would be left by consuming incomplete proteins.

7. Super Cortisol Support

Super Cortisol Support is a blend of different ingredients, including herbs. This combination supports the adrenal glands. If your body is constantly under stress, you can reduce the negative effects of being in that state for a prolonged time by taking sports nutrition supplements like these.

8. B12 Energy

B12 Energy is designed to help boost your energy levels during training and competition. Like other sports nutrition supplements, it should be used in moderation. While the B vitamins are usually taken because of the effect that they have on mitochondrial energy inside cells, they play another important role. If you aren’t getting enough B vitamins, it will negatively affect your mood.

9. Cal Mag

Cal Mag is one of the sports nutrition supplements that can help with common deficiencies. It gives you calcium for healthy bones and teeth. The supplement also contains magnesium.

If you are vegan, you can get iron from this, to ensure that your body can make enough hemoglobin. This type of supplement can be taken with food, since the stomach acid that is produced naturally while eating will help your body to absorb it.

10. Testo Jack.

Testo Jack is a men’s health supplement that is made from a combination of natural ingredients. Since it is made using plants, it is a supplement that vegans and vegetarians can take.

Sports nutrition supplements like this one, that address several aspects of men’s health, help you to get many important nutrients in a single convenient serving. It helps with your overall sexual function and prevents conditions of the reproductive system.

11. CLA Extreme

CLA Extreme is especially helpful for active people. It uses green tea and other ingredients which can give you a boost and help you to stay focused. The ingredients are packaged in a soft gel, making this supplement easy to take for people who have trouble swallowing tablets.

CLA Extreme contains CLA, which is a fatty acid that helps people to retain lean muscle mass. CLA occurs naturally in meat products and in dairy but if you are lactose intolerant or avoid meat, you may not get enough of it. CLA can also help you to lose weight.

12. Tribulus

Tribulus is a plant that has been found to help with men’s health, specifically in the area of erectile dysfunction. Sports nutrition supplements like this increase arousal and libido. They also improve sexual sensation and a man’s ability to reach orgasm.

13. Protein

Protein is essential for muscle formation in women and men. You need to have several different amino acids for your body to function effectively and protein supplements can help to supply you with the ones that are not present in your diet in sufficient amounts.

14. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid derivative. It helps your body to convert fat into energy and that makes it helpful for athletes and other people who need a lot of energy every day.

This supplement also has a protective effect and can help people with dementia. Athletes constantly encounter stress and situations that can affect their mental health. Those who have thinking problems that result from alcohol consumption or are struggling with depression can also benefit from taking this supplement.

15. Recovery Factor

Recovery factor is one of the sports nutrition supplements that can help you during and after a workout. It supplies your body with many of the essential nutrients that are required to heal damaged tissues.

This supplement offers you carbohydrates for energy, in a form that helps you to absorb them quickly. It has electrolytes to replace the salts that you lose during your workout and amino acids to help heal your muscles.

16. HMB

HMB is used to support the blood vessels and heart. It is used to treat diseases of the circulatory system and can be beneficial to athletes with cholesterol problems. HMB also helps to build your muscles during training and prevent muscle loss.

Gluten free supplement use is recommended for athletes with Celiac disease, thyroid problems and other conditions that may be aggravated by wheat. While most women’s and men’s health supplements nowadays are gluten free, you should always check the label and don’t assume it is.

All of these help you to take care of your body. Use them as directed by your physician or on the label. Also talk to your doctor before you start to take supplements, since people with some medical conditions may need to adjust their quantities of certain supplements.

Taking Care of your Body as An Athlete

In addition to using supplements, there are other things that all athletes should do to take care of their body and mind. Good nutrition is an important aspect of your overall health but you should also take steps to ensure that you maintain flexibility, soothe your spirit and reduce stress. While some athletes overlook stress management, this is an important aspect of performance and high levels of stress can make you more susceptible to illness.



Yoga is used by male and female athletes to stretch their bodies. Yoga poses or asanas exercise muscles that are not always given a workout during other activities. Yoga also requires you to be still for a specific amount of time and gives you the opportunity to calm racing thoughts.

Some athletes choose to do a yoga class while others may do a few simple stretches regularly at home or wherever they train. Regular stretching helps you to improve your flexibility and promotes good joint health. Start with simple stretches to keep your body limber and give you increased resilience on the track or in the pool.

• Meal Plans

Meal plans are essential for every athlete. Most professional athletes work with a nutritionist to develop their meal plans, since they cannot afford to be short of any of the vital nutrients that they need. Even a diet that is lacking in B vitamins can cause you to feel sluggish all the time and lack energy.

If you are a vegan athlete and aren’t getting enough iron n your diet, you could quickly become anemic. This would make you short of breath while running long distances or even while doing simple activities such as jumping rope. Nutritional deficiencies can cause your bones to be more susceptible to damage when you lift weights or become injured while playing contact sports.

Good meal plans ensure that you get the right quantity of nutrients in your diet each day. Your meal plans should be followed as much as possible, even on rest days. There are apps which also make it simple to develop meal plans so you can get the right amount of nutrients daily.

Rest Days

Rest days are essential for every athlete. Rest days allow your body to heal from a rigorous training schedule. Without rest days, you’ll hinder your performance since muscle formation and other processes will not take place as smoothly as they should.

Without rest days, you’ll drain your body’s vital nutrients and your body will be placed under pressure because it won’t have time to make all that is lost. Eventually, you’ll start to become injured more frequently and then you’ll have to be out of training for months.


Creatine is available in a wide range of supplements which are sold over the counter and you can often purchase it combined with other nutrients that help with athletic performance. Creatine improves muscle strength and it also helps to build lean muscle, making it an asset for sprinters.

Why is creatine not banned in sports?

Creatine is a substance that occurs naturally in the body and it is difficult to screen for it. That’s one of the reasons why it’s not banned in high school sports or sports at any other level.

Can I take vitamins or supplements to prevent COVID-19?

There are several vitamins and supplements that holistic healthcare practitioners recommend for the prevention of COVID-19. Some of these strengthen your own immune system and others attack the virus. These include:

  • 17. Zinc
  • 18. Vitamin D
  • 19. Garlic
  • 20. Ginger
What supplements are good for fibromyalgia?

If you are an athlete who wants to help alleviate fibromyalgia pain with supplements, there are several for you to consider. These include:

  • 21. Melatonin
  • 22. Magnesium
  • 23. St. John’s Wort
  • 24. Alpha lipoic acid
  • 25. ALCAR
  • 26. Panax ginseng

Discuss any supplements for fibromyalgia that you’reinterested in taking with your holistic healthcare practitioner. This way, you can ensure that none of them might affect any medication that you might be taking or any other conditions that you might have.



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