Top 8 Free Healthcare Apps for Patients

A lot of people are taking appointments and tracking the BMI easily. Do you know how? Yes, through the availability of healthcare applications. 

Every sector has an application to provide feasibility to the users. Now, medical professionals and hospitals are also thinking of making things more digital for patients. 

By developing free healthcare apps, one thing is sure that keeping the records, scheduling the next visits, and making an online payment is more accessible than before. You don’t have to wait in long queues. 

The biggest and most common issue is the lack of knowledge. Many users are still unfamiliar with the medical applications, which are the best ones. So to make this possible, we are mentioning different apps for patients and providing convenience. 

Best Eight Free Healthcare Apps for Patients:

The availability of mobile app development company and unique digital techniques offer the best things for the users. Now, the information is easy to access and solve patients’ problems. The digital facilities and features never get out of fashion. Take advantage of it. 

Read it till the end to know more about the medical applications:

1- MyFitnessPal:

It is one of the best free healthcare apps which allows people to track their entire health activities. From monitoring sleep to detecting the food calories, you can do everything. 

On the other hand, you can set your weight targets to above. Also, syncing the apple with the digital watch quickly gets the reminders. Not only this, switch to the premium version to enjoy more benefits like maintaining the digital reports and emailing them to the health providers. 

2- Teladoc:

Undoubtedly this app is a blessing for patients. Doctors are 24/7 available to examine and see the reports virtually. With the help of teladoc, you can simply communicate with the doctor to get the best advice. 

In case of any emergency, you can simply go to this application, find a health expert and tell the condition. Doctors can give the proper medication within a few minutes after diagnosing the medical condition. It is getting famous with time and currently has a rating of 4.8 stars in the app store. This tells about the credibility of the application.

3- Medical ID:

Medical ID is one of the finest free healthcare apps. You can simply store all your details like blood group, type of allergies and, other medical histories. 

At the time of any urgency, a person who would be attending you can go through all the stored information and find out the solution. This application allows you to create your profile so that if any means you are not in a position to communicate about your health, the information can help. 

4- Leafly:

Are you searching for reliable doctors and medical dispensaries nearby your location? You are in the right place. 

Leafly helps the patient to connect through the application. It is suitable for patients looking for health solutions. Here are the experienced medical professionals ready to help you in just a few clicks. Also, this app guides you and connects you with specialized doctors for resolving your issues. 

5- Better help:

A considerable number of trained medical officers are available for guidance. It is among the best apps for patients because you can have the quality of service within the affordable charges. 

It deals specifically with a mental health issue. You can check the reviews of the treated patients and then decide. So, there are counselors and verified therapists to help you in addition. The doctors also conduct live sessions and physical workshops to help people reduce their anxiety and stress issues. 

6- Heal:

Heal is an application operating in central 102 US states. It promotes well-being by telling people to stay at home and consult doctors by calling at their places. In the time of corona virus, this is an effective method to examine the patients without fear of catching the virus. 

Even before and after the pandemic situation, people are still using these applications for prompt assistance and talking with doctors confidentially as a lot of people are not able to manage the timings. Therefore, it is an excellent option to consider if you are one of them. 

7- MDacne:

Apart from general health issues, many people are concerned with skin treatments. MDcane is the right place to upload their problematic skin and get the best advice from the doctors. You can connect with the available dermatologist and ask for the medicines.

It is super easy to operate the application. It is suitable for those who are looking for a skin specialist but don’t want to travel with such acne-prone skin outside their homes. 

Patients can get the best treatment by following a few rules. Simply create an account and start communicating with the doctors. Upload a bare skin picture. After waiting a few minutes to process, apply detect the issues and recommends the medicines. This is how it works. 

8- MySugr:

Diabetes is not sparing anyone around the world. Many challenges are available for individuals to act on them and perform a little better. MySugr comes on the list of best and free healthcare apps for patients wanting to maintain their sugar level records. This is a kind of motivation to help them deal with this deadly disease. 

It has a great motto to cure the patients timely, identifying the symptoms of both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Also, doctors are just a few clicks away to facilitate the patients and give them suggestions. Therefore, if you know someone with the same problem, it is the best thing you can do for them. Introduce those patients with MySugr. 


Health is the priority of anyone. It is important to check and balance your medical conditions. Also, knowing the available apps for patients to get the proper treatment at the right time is beneficial. Stay up to date, keep researching and use the applications for getting the counseling online. You will see the difference in your life. 

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