What are the reasons behind hair fall and receding in both men and women?

Hair loss and receding hairline are experienced by both men and women in life. However, men are more prone to have this problem. These conditions are signs of male pattern baldness, that are caused due to several factors. Several people try temporary hair loss treatments, but they are unable to manage the signs of receding hairline.

What are the reasons behind hair fall and receding in both men and women

In this article, you will learn what are the causes of receding hairline and how hair transplant in Punjab is beneficial to get rid of this condition. First of all, we need to understand what is the process of receding hairline?

What is the receding hairline process?

Male pattern baldness (MPB) usually develops in different steps. A doctor who conducts a hair transplant says that the first indication comes in the form of a seemingly abnormal hairline which first grows into a well-specified M shape. Afterward, the hair lies on the forehead and the back of the head which left behind a bald scalp. Such two distinct indications will propagate gradually yet steadily to create a wide bald patch. At last, what really exists along the back and side of the head form a horseshoe-like pattern.

Causes of receding hairline

As we stated above, there are several reasons behind the receding hairline condition. These are-:


Hair loss is commonly known as an essential part of aging. Numerous hair follicular units may be produced and established to help the scalp grow with its own hair. They are replaced by new hairs when this hair falls out. However, hair follicles suffer damage because of several reasons that may result in hair loss and receding hairline.

Medications and treatments

Many medical therapies or operations may result in loss of hair and receding hairline. Chemotherapy, a type of cancer treatment is a typical example that causes a person’s hair to fall off.

Hormonal changes

The loss of hair can be caused by hormone fluctuations in men and women. MPB is related to a hormone named DHT, which allows hair follicles to reduce to the edge with no more hair development depending on individuals’ biology.

Family history

Sometimes people suffering from hair fall as well as a receding hairline. Men that have a history of baldness in the family are more vulnerable to hair loss and may adopt the same trend as the generations before.

Choice of lifestyle

A potential correlation between hair loss and lifestyle choices is identified. Daily smokers suffer greater and more accelerated hair loss relative to others that do not smoke. Even diet plays an important role in creating a receding hairline. People with insufficient protein are, for example, in their diets more likely to lose their hair than people with sufficient intake of protein. Often related to hair loss is the inadequate consumption of protein.

Disease or Depression

Telogen effluvium is a spontaneous hair loss disorder, which is triggered by a disease or tension. People usually come through unforeseen shedding, where hair loss occurs over a shorter period of time more significantly. Luckily, this hair loss may be cured again and again without any medication.

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