What are the topmost reasons to consider using the treatment of IVF?

Infertility issue is common among men and women, which means it creates difficulty for them to conceive naturally. Fortunately, with Assisted Reproductive technology the couple can enjoy the journey of parenthood.


Ideally, the IVF treatment is the best choice for the couple or one partner diagnosed with infertility. No doubt, making the final decision on whether to undergo the treatment or not is on the couple. It needs time and effort to go through the treatment. To make sure you make the informed decision, visit the best IVF centre in Punjab. The fertility doctor will diagnose your condition and let you know when you need to undergo the treatment.

IVF treatment provides the benefit of using healthy sperm and eggs in the future

With IVF treatment, the couple gets the option to freeze egg and sperm in the future. Sometimes, the couple is not ready to start the family until they get settled down. In that case, egg freezing, embryo freezing, and sperm freezing can be vital choices. When the couple is ready, it can be used with IVF treatment to increase the chances of conception.

What are the major reasons for using IVF?

Given below are the major reasons for using IVF:

  • Low sperm count

If the male partner is diagnosed with a low sperm count, then this treatment is the ideal choice. For male infertility, the ICSI treatment is used along with IVF to increase the chances of conception.

  • Ovulation problem

At times, the women have ovulation issues which means the monthly egg is not released. It might be possible women do not have her menstrual cycle for months as she is facing the issue of PCOS.

  • Problem with fallopian tubes

The sperm and eggs need to meet for fertilization. But in some cases, fallopian tubes are blocked which means they won’t let the sperm reach the egg. Sometimes, surgery can solve the issue. If you don’t want to undergo surgery then IVF treatment can help to solve your issue as it does not consider the issue of blocked fallopian tubes.

  • Genetic disorders

Sometimes genetics plays a vital role in fertility. If you have faced the problem at a young age, then it might be possible your child gets the issue and affects their fertility. In that case, IVF works as the ideal choice.

Some of the other cases, like endometriosis, health issues, or lifestyle factors that affect fertility, can be neglected as IVF treatment can help the person to have increased chances of conception.

Moreover, people who have been diagnosed with cancer can have the issue of sperm or egg to get affected. This is where egg freezing and sperm freezing can help. After the chemo or radiotherapy, the egg or sperm can be thawed and later used with the IVF treatment.

Find the best fertility expert

For the best treatment, make sure to find the best fertility expert. The doctor will discuss your entire problem and accordingly give you treatment which increases your success chances. Book your appointment today only, to learn more about the treatment.

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