What are the topmost tips you should follow to choose the best IVF centre?

Tips to choose the best IVF centre

Do you know?

One of the studies has shown that people have difficulty finding the best medical solution or treatment. Which doctor should I consult or which treatment is best, or anything like this, is the most commonly discussed questions?

Well! Not any more. As in this blog, we are going to make it easier for you to choose the best IVF Centre in Punjab. Choosing the right one is important so make sure that you follow these tips.

How much is the success rate of the centre?

The success rate depends on different factors from patient age to overall health, everything is considered to determine the success rate. Once the doctor has checked what is the reason for infertility, the doctor will plan the treatment for you. Keep in mind, this also helps to determine the test tube baby cost you need to pay. No two same patients will have the same treatment nor the same treatment cost.

Success rate depending on the age

  • Women less than 30 years of age: 65%
  • Women above 35 years: 55%
  • Women over 40 years: 28%

Let us tell you one thing:

There are many women under their 40s who have successfully conceived with IVF treatment and without any major complications. Indeed, it is one of those treatment options which is worth considering for the infertile couple.

Does the centre provide blastocyst culture and transfer?

Embryos are best when they can reach up to the stage of blastocyst as this increases the chances of implantation. The embryologist will make sure that the embryo is transferred at the right time.

Is the doctor experienced and polite?

Infertility can be emotionally nerve-wracking, so when you are choosing the doctor make sure that you are choosing someone who is polite and they should listen to all your concerns. In case, you come across a doctor with whom you do not feel connected to then you should not get the treatment from them.

Are they following the lab standards?

During the IVF cycle, it is extremely important to provide the treatment with the latest standards and technology. So, you should not compromise on this part and ensure the hospital you are choosing has availability of everything with them. The hospital or clinic you are choosing must be following hygiene properly.

How much does the treatment cost?

IVF treatment in India is extremely less as compared to any other developed nation. In some cases, the first cycle of the IVF is successful and sometimes the patient needs at least 2 to 3 cycles to get the success. The success of the procedure is going to depend on different things so this way the treatment cost will also vary. Like if you are getting IUI, IVF, IVF/ICSI, egg freezing, embryo freezing, or any other procedure. The doctor is going to help you understand the treatment cost in a better way.

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