Which Care-Points Are Must Follow After Undergoing Kidney Transplantation?

Post-Operative Care After Kidney Transplant

When you have undergone kidney transplant surgery, then you have to be cautious about post-operative care. According to the urologist in Ludhiana, “ If the patient does not follow certain post-operative care measures, then there are sure shot chances that he may encounter certain complications even after the recovery period.” In this article post, we are going to enlist the majorly important care points, the practices and the importance of which has been recognized by the well-qualified doctors of the Kidney hospital in Punjab.

So here are the few points which can quintessentially help you to make your recovery period a success.

Take A Gentle Bath

Immediately after the surgical procedure, you are not supposed to take an aggressive or sponge rubbing bath. Instantly, your bath should be so gentle. The predominant motive should be to clean the wounds in the surgical area. Once taken, then do not rib it aggressively with the towel. Instead, pat the wounds dry.

Do Not Miss Out On The Appointments

The doctor will call you for the follow-up sessions. You should not be missing any of such sessions. These sessions are important to be undergone as these help to keep a regular track of the recovery process. Besides, if there are some changes in the prescribed medications, then the doctor will only guide you about those if you are timely visiting for the follow-up sessions.

Do Not Miss Even A Single Dose Of The Medications

You should not be missing even a single dose of the medications. If you will miss out on even the single dose, then you end up tampering with your medication course plan.

Do Not Eat & Drink What You Feel Like

As far as the eating bad and the drinking habits are concerned, these should be thoroughly dominated by the doctor’s guidance. The doctor is sure to present you with the prepared dietary plan. Also do not pressurize your kidneys by drinking a huge amount of water at once.

No Alcohol Please

When it is your recovery period, then you should not be sipping alcohol even for the taste. Alcohol has harmful effects on the kidneys. So neither smoking and alcohol nor illegal drugs should be taken.

Do Not Do Vigorous Activity

The kidneys cannot handle the burden of rigorous activities when they are in their recovery phase. So if you are a gym freak then you have to be very hard on yourself to stop you from going there and lifting those heavy dumbbells.

Do The Suggested Movements

The doctor will suggest you do certain movements daily. Do not miss doing any of such movements.

Note Down The Unusual Symptoms

If any kind of unusual symptom is bothering you, then you should note it down and deliberate with the doctor regarding that.

Do Not Take Stress

The recovery period should be stress-free. In this period, you should not only be keeping your body relaxed but your mind also.

Final Comments!

Do not neglect following any of the above-mentioned care-point. If you neglect, then you will end up causing yourself distress only.

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